Aardvarks and Zebras bring forth a chorus of praise

Abeokuta to Zulu land resounds with tales of His Grace.

Across the seas and atop the hills, exaltation soars.

Adorning the Man Christ who is seated on the throne.

Aeons before time as a lamb for love he was slain.

Affectionately it was destined that through Him men would reign.

Against all darkness His fierce Love set sail.

Ahoy! Ye mateys God’s mercy has prevailed.

Ailments annihilated by the blood that was shed.

Ajax, Hercules and Zeus are no match for His name.

Akin to Him, we were fashioned, furnished and fully framed.

Alas the bars of hell could not our glory contain or curtail.

Amazing grace thus by death defeated hell and the grave.

Annihilating all condemnation that the accuser could make.

Aorta and Ventricle now flush bright with His Love and Life.

Aptly we are planted firmly in the security of His hands.

Aquifers of Mercy and Sky vaults of Love burst forth,

Arise! Oh ye nations and receive the glad tidings of joy.

Assemble in one accord! And make merry for we’re in the son.

At peace!!! We are … God is not pissed. He is at peace.

Augmented by Christ; ours is an ever increasing light.

Avast! Cease your murmuring and stop your strife.

Away with the depression, my dear YOU ARE IN CHRIST.

Ax down the tree of self works and the bough of pride.

Aye wa ti ni aabo ninu Jesu Kristi

Azonto to Him. Yahoozay with triumphant praise.