Waizowl Cloud, a long awaited Sensei clone

Damian Cooper
5 min readJan 17, 2024

Shape is king, right? So, as a heavy FPS gamer with a deep-rooted appreciation for the classic Sensei mouse shape, my search for a worthy successor has led me to the Waizowl Cloud. This ambidextrous mouse, positioned as a potential heir to the Sensei throne, promises to deliver not only the coveted shape but also incorporates the latest gaming innovations, including the precision of the 3395 sensor.

Sensor: So, first things first, it’s got the PixArt 3395 sensor with MCU: Nordic nRF52840 Tri-Mode — the industry’s standard these days. It does what it’s supposed to — no complaints there. It supports Motion Sync, Ripple effect and angle snapping (all to be managed in the software). I haven’t noticed any flaws or spine-outs during my gaming sessions. Waizowl also enables you to change the debounce time on your clicks so that you can be as fast as possible and avoid double-clicking.

Buttons and Switches: It uses Huano Blue Shell Pink Dot switches. Not optical, but they’re quiet and tactile. Clicks are there, but not in your face. They work really well — no pre- or post travel, no double-clicking, not noisy at all. You don’t need optical clicks, did you know? Buttons have no pre or post travel, however, side buttons are a bit mushy and could be a bit too small for my liking. Mouse scroll wheel is also very good and very well pre-defined.

Size and Weight: 126x68x38mm (grip width 57mm). So, it’s 55 grams 2g with a balanced weight distribution. Lighter than some, heavier than others. I didn’t feel like I had wings, but it’s really okay.

Shape Comparison to Sensei: Now, let’s talk about the shape.

Look how close they are to each other!
Freshly taken out of the box
Compared to Viper v2 pro wireless and Viper 8k wired
This is how I grip it
Side to side

In-game feeling: They say it’s the Sensei’s successor. Well, it’s ambidextrous like the Sensei, but the feel is a bit different. The width, depth, and height are very close, but not exactly the same. It’s like a distant cousin — familiar but not identical. If you loved the Sensei’s shape, this might be close enough for comfort.

During my gaming sessions I had a “locked-in” feeling mixed with the ability to micro-adjust my vertical aiming. That is not something you see every day, because most gaming mice are either the “fits as a glove” example or are too loose in hand which is like gaming in two worlds. And QuakeWorld is this type of game you need both to feel comfy because you do a lot of small adjustments for LG aim and aim vertically at those enemies at dm2@BIG.

And for the reference: my hands are 21 x 12 cm, I tend to use a relaxed claw or relaxed fingertip grip. The bottom line is: this mouse is great for big hands.

Coating: Feather Coating (smooth type). This mouse is very grippy and it’s not a dirt and fingertip magnet. However, after some heavy use, I’ve noticed that it could be wearing out a bit in places where you place your fingers.

Build Quality: Build quality is solid for a Chinese mouse. No wobbles or weird noises. Buttons feel okay, no travel issues. The coating is grippy — good for holding, I guess. Packaging looks fancy, if that’s your thing.

Customization and Software: Software is there — DPI settings, button mapping, profiles. It does have angle snapping, ripple effects, and motion sync options. Adds a bit of flair, I suppose, yet, it needs some polish too. But at least it weighs very small, nothing like this pesky Razer Synapse or unintuitive Logitech G-Hub!

Glide and Feet: The glide is smooth, the feet are pure PTFE and they are nicely rounded. Waizowl also adds bigger mouse feet in the box for better control but I haven’t tested them.

Add-ons: There’s a 4K wireless dongle you can get (not included in the regular package, you need to purchase it yourself). And I did bother because I tend to use 4K in all of my gaming mice — it works fine, however, it drains the battery to around a few days only if used regularly. So, that’s a small bummer.

High Speed 4k Dongle by Waizowl
It glows in different colors depending which polling rate you are using
Additional bigger PTFE feet at no cost
Grip tapes are also there in the box

Waizowl also adds grips tapes, and an additional pair of glass feet, something that is not welcome yet by the big brands like Logitech or Razer.


  • standard weight at 55 grams
  • very good for big hands
  • onboard memory to store your mouse settings
  • buttons for DPI and polling rate change are on the mouse
  • PixArt 3395 sensor does its job
  • great stock skates
  • additional stuff in the package
  • Huano Blue switches — quiet and tactile.
  • solid build quality — no weird stuff.
  • fancy packaging.


  • battery of 300 mAh could be a problem if 4K is used regularly
  • after some heavy use the coating seems to leave fingerprints and wear down
  • software needs some tweaking

Conclusion: So, the Waizowl Cloud is a great mouse for bigger hands. It does what it’s supposed to do without much fuss. If you’re not looking for bells and whistles, it’s a decent choice. The shape is familiar, reminiscent of the Sensei but not an exact copy. It gets the job done for fast-paced games like QuakeWorld/Quake Champions and Apex Legends.

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