History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

This is a clever article and as a student of History I would not refute the examples the writer is quoting, I would agree that we are living in dangerous times probably as dangerous as any quoted by this writer from the past. however the Premise and reason for the article shows his own hidden agenda. I agree with him about the danger of Trump being elected president of the United States, but that has not actually happened yet, and can still be avoided.

What I take exception to in the article is that he has linked the dangers of Trump and brexit together, not only as Cause but also as affect. So that makes the two events true by association. He also says that ‘Brexit — a group of angry people’ is likely to cause a chain reaction(no pun intended) within the EU.

The cause that made Brexit happen, was the lack of proper representation and control of our own future that had been taken away by the faceless bureaucrats that sit on the unelected commission in Brussels. This and the erosion of sovereignty was why a majority of British people once again in our history used common sense and voted that we take control of our future, which is particularly important if we are to avoid the dangers that are predicted in this article.

The dangers are very real I have no argument with the writer on that point, but to remain in a union where decisions are likely to be made with very little consideration for ourselves. Where a european army would weaken NATO,and an open doors policy would not be able to control the many terrorists that wish to do us harm, that way lies danger.