I enjoy being able to be in a person’s company and communicating. Much like FACS, my brain is constantly processing and deducing (though it’s probably inductive) all the facial twitches when conversing. Because of this I have come to be infused with the personality traits of people whom I felt a relational connection with — or at least wanted to make fun of.

In September of 2014, I had been participating in ‘non-professional’ activity. Talk about shooting myself in the foot… So I overcompensate, in the form of extravagant vocabulary — but hey, research has shown that a rich vocabulary keep executive functioning plastic.

Back to the point, I am bad at compartmentalizing life in general. But apparently, I was dating an individual, Billy. Well, he was trying to connect with me, we had similar interests but he wouldn’t share his thoughts on what he had been learning. It actually irked me because I was just wanted to learn how intellectuals openly relayed in conversation. If it was prudent for me to do this in the future, I needed a a baseline level of knowledge to go about it. With this thinking in mind I would continue my conversations with Billy, where he would incessantly respond exactly to any piece of trivia I threw his way and even anything that sounded pseudo-intellectual. I was left like, ‘huh’?

Now, unfortunately this led me to the conclusion that he was a simpleton who considered himself my equal (not that he isn’t but when it comes to understanding — well, cheezus ☺ ). Now given my sense of ineptitude (at the time) I used his verbal slang to mirror when it was that I didn’t neccesarily understand. I never really knew if he had a unique response in his mind.

Similar to when I was a freshman, and learned of “valley girl’’ that I never quite understood if it was meant to be a veiled fad to make it easier to communicate or a genuine response. So I assimilated my use of ‘exactly’ to have the same meaningless response. I thought it was pretty hilarious, I mean I would go around talking and using it with serious intent, (‘I have a different response when I do understand information’), and thought it was hilarious when they would light up and go, “Oh, well, <continue conversation>”. Considering I would learn it I’d go home and later look up this information to not be completely oblivious.

So theres my use case of exactly. I was experimenting this entire time. (:-p

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