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TikTok is a largely untapped source of great content. Tools and tips I’ve discovered on the platform have already provided me inspiration, new tools and countless ideas.

TikTok enables content creators to easily creating and upload short videos. Quicker than a carefully edited blog article and lighter than a curated and composed Instagram image and caption. TikTok posts can even be ugly — the message is key. As a result, the content is fresh, easy to consume and highly-valuable (if you’re following the right accounts).

There is an abundance of content to discover on any topic you’re interested in. I’m not going to try and convince you to join TikTok (even though I think you should). I’ll let the content speak for itself.

This is my curated list of TikTok accounts that you need to be following if you’re a designer or…

UTMs are the Ultimate Tool for (Digital) Marketing.

Want to know where your traffic is coming from, how they got there and what they did, so you can evaluate your digital marketing activities? UTM links are the solution. But remember, with the great power of UTMs comes great responsibility. Set up your UTMs wrong and the tracking for your campaign is off, reporting becomes difficult, and you look back in frustration wishing you’d set them up another way.

UTM actually stands for “Urchin tracking module”. Urchin was a company acquired by Google and became the basis of Google Analytics.

There are a ton of resources about UTMs (and I’ve read many of them) but as a beginner, the information is confusing and often overwhelming. They don’t offer any insight into possible issues or reasons for setting them up one way over another. I made some missteps in setting up UTMs when I started so I offer you these tips to further your understanding — and so you can avoid the mistakes I made. …

Every person we work with has dramatically different work styles — from communication preferences and ways of expressing themselves to things they value and like (and things they don’t). These traits affect how we collaborate and, as a result, how effectively a team operates.

Navigating these differences is a challenge to dance around each day. Should you approach your manager about the project timeline in their office, book a meeting in their calendar, send them an email — or spend time coming up with a solution to present to them before bringing it up? Finding the answer is a case of trial and error.

With all the moving parts and personalities involved in a project, we are bound to stumble, step on toes and even embarrassingly face-plant. …


Damian Jolley

I fight to create beautiful experiences (through design). Branding and web design. Web UI Designer.

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