Did “Speak to Inspire” inspire ? A journey with Brian Rose and Virginia Czarnocki.

Over the past few months, I’ve been on a personal development journey that’s involved One Year No Beer, Rich Roll and most recently Brian Rose. After watching Brian Rose and John Josephs Ironmind series (which is brilliant), Brian invited me to join the Speak to Inspire course, for a ton of cash.

As someone that has delivered key note speeches to 100’s of people, run workshops with board of directors, why would I fall foul of such direct marking tactics? I was out running on a glorious September morning, any my heart kept saying “do it, stop being scared, not doing it is the easy way out”. So as London Realer’s say “I pulled the trigger”.

Before the course started, I was engulfed with fear and guilt that I’d spent too much money on something that would tell me something I already knew. Also, the keynote speeches and workshop calls would get in the way of my professional and home life.

BANG — the course started… Brian live on Zoom and asks me a question — I’m gripped with fear and manage to stumble out an answer… wow you really do have direct access to Brian Rose. Also the key note speech was brilliant, full of energy, content and sound advice.

Next challenge — going on Facebook live, in front of strangers — man, I had no idea how to do this… the fear gripped me but, yet I did it. It was awful, to deliver and watch back!!

Then the accountability doc and competition kicked on. OMG, they track and hold you accountable!! To be honest the cost of the course already made sure I had “skin in the game”. The accountability doc gave you a sense of achievement as you crossed out the assignments.

As the weeks progressed, time seem to accelerate. Each week a new concepts and crafts came into play, at a challenging rate.

By week 2 I had realised that in my professional life, I had become lazy and stale with meetings, presentations and avoided doing speeches at all costs. I started to apply the skills into my day to day job, and the efforts paid huge dividends.

I was asked to cover someone else’s speech at work. I made some adjustments, and after the speech, had people thanking me to for such an enjoyable and informative speech.

Week 3 of the course, I ran a full day workshop at work, applied the principles — at the end all 30 people started clapping, and thanking me for a brilliant job.

Even with practicing speeches, I asked my 16-year-old daughter to listen to one of my speeches. She listened and was moved with the key point I was making.

As a person, it’s not just the speaking that has developed. It’s my whole self. Professional and home life. My inner strength, ability to succeed, and confidence, have all shot through the roof.

In a nutshell, this course will deliver and improve your speaking skills. Period. But also it will teach out so many other components: Preparation, Resistance, Extreme Ownership, “You’ve Got This”. The strangers I presented to at the start, have become my friends, coaches, mentors and business advisors.

Brian’s team leaders are A1. All with compelling back stories, and excellent experience on public speaking and self development. Our team were blessed with the outstanding, inspirational task master — Virginia Czarnocki. I can not put in words, how she has help me to develop on this. If you have the opportunity for Virginia to coach you in anything, just do it. Trust me.

The support of the peer group, and the London Academy Leadership is outstanding. The challenge to push and in my case “Get over yourself”, was high, but rewarding.

I’m no longer the person dreading presentations, who would throw his slides together the night before and read them aloud the next day.

I’m someone who is looking for the next speaking opportunity, and how I can apply the principles, excite people and deliver the message.

I could never have imagined how much this course would help me to develop. Nor what a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding experience it would be.