A wide and deep story about how one ends up doing the things he loves, despite himself

8:15 pm: the status of Blue Pond on iTunes Connect is “waiting for review”. It’s the last email I read before I close my laptop and leave the office.

I grab my bike and ride home through the cold Turin night. I’m not really listening to the latest Pink Floyd album in my hears. I’m excited in a strange way. Like I’m going to get something I waited for so long. And I begin to remember.

I was about 4 or 5 years…

How to make things simple, useful and fun

We are Hic Locative Media.

We take complex things that don’t need to be that complex and make them simpler through better design.

Geolocation is one of these things.

No need to tell you: the daily flood of information doesn’t give us time to go through complicated sequences of actions. We can’t have, and we don’t need to have complex services, intricate patterns, all-purpose swiss army knife software. We are finally beginning to appreciate simple, single-task, purposely limited applications because they make our actions quicker and our lives easier. We want more intuitive patterns, straightforward interactions, minimalistic but appropriate interfaces.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fonts

You know you have to do something when opening your font drop-down menu looks like being buried with outmoded dresses from an overloaded wardrobe. And no matter what you choose to wear, you’re never satisfied with it and it always seems wrong for the occasion and it ends up piled on your chair, on your desk and everywhere in your room, gathering dust and looking oddly inappropriate like a heap of broken lava lamps.

Something that reminds of lava lamps

There was a time, as a very young and reckless designer, when I used to download a new font for every new project. …

And why we took the effort to build it

  1. Experiences, not just places. I’m a Foursquare user. I do check-ins. And like everybody else, I don’t know why. The reason might be simple: I want to show off, I want to make my friends know how cool are the places I go to. But still, I can’t get no satisfaction… maybe because a check-in is extremely poor in meaning. I’m a Twitter user as well. And I realised I only find any meaning in a check-in when I share it trough Twitter, because I’m adding something more about my experience in that place. It’s not just where “I’m at”…

Wishing everyone many things

‘Tante cose’ is by far my favorite Italian greeting. Like many good things, it’s old-fashioned and almost outdated: I only hear my grandparents using it today, and many people would just think it sounds pretty weird. But it has such a simple and wonderful meaning that I think it should be reintroduced immediately. Literally, it means ‘many things’. Like ‘I wish you many things. I hope that many things will happen to you’. It’s general enough to be used even for your worst enemy, because you don’t specify what these many things should be. …

Read. Stop. Resume from where you’ve left.

I was reading a very interesting story from the Matter collection yesterday on my phone, and I had to interrupt my reading at about half the story, so I bookmarked it.

Then I picked it up again from my computer, but as the story was quite long (32 minutes), I had to scroll down and look for the exact point where I had left it.

It wasn’t a big effort, but I thought: isn’t a bookmark supposed to tell me the point where I left a story? Isn’t that the whole purpose? Bookmarks on Medium are a nice feature…

Faust and Mephisto in Fausts’s study, engraving by Tony Johannot

Can we just end this religious war between different platforms?

Why do you enter into fellowship with us if you can not carry it through? […] Did we force ourselves on you, or you on us?

Mephistopheles to Faust — Faust by J.W. Goethe, first part

Seems like I can’t postpone my pact with the devil any longer. For more than three years so far I’ve been quite a happy owner of an Apple computer and an Android phone. Sounds like madness? Well, the more time passes, the more idiosyncratic it becomes. The latest updates — Maverick on my MacBook Pro and KitKat on my Nexus 4 — are forcing…

courtesy of mattew ditto http://cargocollective.com/matthewdivito

I recommend that you do not recommend me to recommend

Typical structure of a Medium article:

  1. The title
  2. The article
  3. The “pls recommend” part
  4. The recommend button I won’t press for the above-mentioned part

Here’s how a typical “pls recommend” part looks like:

If you found value in this article it would mean a lot if you hit the“recommend” button below! This helps my content reach others. :)

(the random source, paradoxically enough, is an otherwise good article on how to keep emails short and avoid the TL;DR problem)

I hate that. It’s like a tedious pop-up on a web page. Like these ones. You know, I, like 99.9% of…


Skeumorphism is dead. Long live the Digital Metaphor

The very first time I used one, it happened without me even noticing. It was four or five years ago and I was taking notes during an utterly boring academic lesson. As a premise, you should know that I’m very visual in my notes: arrows, circles, bullet points, little silly drawings fill up my notebooks, and you can usually check the exact point where I stopped listening to the professor and started wandering away in my mind when visual elements take total control over the page and text completely fades away.

So, that time I was still taking textual notes…

About limited functions and unlimited freedom

Do you know what is a ‘placemark’? A placemark is a chicken teryiaki. I know, this may sound a little weird. Better go back to the start.

One year ago I was wandering around at MIT. If you’ve ever been there, you know that the campus is huge, and kind of messy. I mean, just look at how messy those buildings are.

Damiano Gui

Interaction designer, blogger, game developer, sometimes tech enthusiast and sometimes tech pessimist. World champion of tsundoku. @damianogui

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