DMT: The Door to Spirituality

Like Terence McKenna said years ago, I feel incredibly shocked by the fact that Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) has not been explored more in our culture. I have explored every religion as much as I could throughout my life and my biggest personal problem with them was always this talk of “chosen people” or “this is the only way to reach ascension” or the idea of “paradise for those that are worthy” or whatever.
Basically, I had a problem with this idea that I had to change the way I thought to suit the religious teachings, fully being aware that what I was doing was ignoring parts of my humanness, pretending that I was “incomplete” or that I “need saving”.
Religion never really resonated with me. It just didn’t make any sense.

After having experienced the wonders ‪Ayahuasca‬ and ‪DMT‬, it seems very clear to me that most religions came out of interpretations of DMT experiences. I am not saying that all religions are bad, on the contrary, I am sure some people do reach these altered states of consciousness where their pineal gland (third eye) is producing DMT through intense prayer or meditation. This is actually the way we are supposed to do it naturally, without any of the personal identity politics attached to it.

Experiencing DMT has given me the religious experience that I needed to move towards a more spiritual path. These substances are simply tools that come from the earth, naturally, and that are to be used as the teachers that they are.

If anyone is open to finding out more about these experiences, please come find me, I’d be happy to discuss it further; and if anyone has already lifted the veil of reality and seen through it thanks to these Divine Moments of Truth (DMT), like Terence McKenna said,