ElectionLand 2016: background reading

A personal list of interesting sources related to key issues being explored in this project.


Press Release + Participant FAQ

“Most newsrooms in America are asking an important but premature question while polls are open: ‘Who’s winning?’” said Scott Klein, ProPublica Deputy Managing Editor and the project’s leader. “Electionland is an experiment that asks whether we can help empower newsrooms to cover other vitally important questions that day: How is the election itself going? Who’s voting and who’s being turned away?”

SOJC launch post. FAQ for SOJC Faculty and Students.

State Election Information

Read these pages for all you need to know about the four states we are covering as part of ElectionLand:

These guides are produced by Election Protection: the “Nation’s largest non-partisan voter protection coalition.” They provide: 1) voter helplines, 2) voter protection field programs across the country; and 3) digital tools including 866ourvote.org, @866ourVote, and facebook.com/866OurVote.

State Election Websites

Voting Data

Background reading

A personal selection of stories — relevant to this project — giving you a flavor of the campaign in its final weeks (I’ll be adding to this as we go along):