Journalism, Media and Tech: 19 must read newsletters for journalists in 2019

Damian Radcliffe
Apr 5 · 3 min read

A list produced for my 2019 journalism in New York class, which culminates in a four day visit to newsrooms in NYC this June.

Prior to the trip, students pick two sources to read throughout the term- one daily newsletter, one weekly - from the list below. They then write a weekly journal providing their reflections on what they read that week. Four students are called on to talk about their analysis, in class, each week.

Daily Newsletters

Get into the habit of reading at least one of these, every day:

1. Columbia Journalism Review Based in New York on Columbia University’s campus, CJR’s mission is “to be the intellectual leader in the rapidly changing world of journalism.”

2. Nieman Lab the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard, is “trying to figure out the future of news.” Has a dedicated audiences and social tab.

3. Poynter provides daily news updates, training, events and a range of free (and paid) for online courses through NewsU .

4. — don’t let the UK URL fool you, offers tools, tips and news from around the world. (Disclaimer: I often write for them.)

5. American Press Institute Daily Newsletter — their daily “Need to Know” round-up is always full of good stuff.

6. Pew Journalism Daily Email — another daily email round-up (the big sites 1–4 above have these) which is always full of useful links and stories.

7. The Interface is a daily column from Casey Newton at The Verge, about the intersection of social media and democracy. Subscribe to the newsletter here .

8. CNN’s Reliable Sources — excellent, long, daily read with a key focus on the White House Press Corps, what media stories CNN is covering, plus major developments at broadcast networks and American media’s biggest players.

9. Digiday — news, events, and more looking at digital media and marketing. Lots of new content every day. Offers a valuable daily newsletter.

Weekly Newsletters

Get into the habit of reading at least one of these, every week:

1. Global Editors Network — aside from hosting an excellent annual conference, they also publish a handy weekly newsletter (with around 14,000 subscribers) with a good round-up of thought provoking stories/analysis from the past week. Stories often international.

2. Digital Content Next — trade organization (originally founded as the Online Publishers Association, their members are “some of the most trusted and well-respected media brands .” Excellent weekly newsletter , with content from various sources. (Disclaimer: a source I have written for.)

3. What’s New in Publishing — another site I write for. Recently revamped. Contains original analysis, aggregated content and a weekly newsletter.

4. Axios Media Trends — a relative newcomer on the block, weekly analysis of how people are consuming and distributing content.

5. Idea 57 — weekly newsletter from the Atlantic, with a focus “on everything new and innovative in the media industry.” I always learn lots.

6. Atlantic 57 — another weekly newsletter from the Atlantic. This one focuses on wider digital trends (and often seems to be shorter).

7. Benedict Evans weekly newsletter from the British analyst based at Andreessen Horowitz, a tech VC firm in Silicon Valley. With more than 100,000 subscribers (including me), it’s clearly more than useful!

8. LION (Local Independent Online News Publishers) offer a handy weekly industry news recap, that’s about more than local. Sign up here .

9. Monday Note — as the name suggests, it’s published once a week on Monday. Has dived a lot into Facebook recently. Your boss — or bosses boss — reads this. So you should to.

10. Stratechery — recommend reading if you want to understand “the strategy and business side of technology and media, and the impact of technology on society.” Weekly Articles are free, while three Daily Updates a week are for subscribers only.


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