Days 3–6: I Will Not Throw In The Towel

So it’s been a few days since I wrote on here. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, but more because I was incredibly sick. Now most of it was non-Whole 30 related. On Thursday I had flu like symptoms including a fun 102.4 degree fever and the dizziest of spells I have ever had. Have you ever been really drunk and get the spins? Yeah, that’s what it felt like for 2 days. I have never had vertigo but I imagine it was similar to the sensation. Anyway, turns out I have a skin infection called cellulitis. While it is something that antibiotics can kick in a week or so, it can also develop to be life threatening. I am glad I got it checked out early, as I feel like I should be up and running at full strength sometime this week. So I am back and ready to blog and it has not encouraged me to throw in the towel!

Dining Out

So on Saturday we had our niece’s first birthday party. Happy birthday Mae! This was our first real challenge as we were out of our element and not at home. We got some Applegate Organic hot dogs that I guess were made out of turkey that were W30 compliant. So I had a few of those and a burger on the charcoal grill that my father in law whipped up. It was a good alternative. The smoky taste almost felt like I was eating something I shouldn’t have been. So it was a nice change of pace from what we ate the first 3 days. The toughest part though was all the snacks etc that were at the party because of course none of them were whole 30 compliant. Luckily I didn’t have much of an appetite (I know, surprise eh?) because of how sick I still felt and the antibiotics kicking in. On Sunday we went to KOP mall. They have a nice salad place in the food court that we got some heavy duty salads with oil and vinegar. They were great. So overall, eating out was a success.


I can’t tell everyone how much it means to me and to Caitlin all of the support that we are receiving from all of you. I had people coming up to me asking about the blog and how things were going. As much as I am doing this for myself, it is nice having the support from many of our family and friends. Shout out to Nicole and Mark who sent us a cookbook and some snack bars from Amazon that was a great surprise. That gesture meant a lot! We are looking forward to using the recipes to spice up our meals. When I first though of blogging this process, I didn’t know if it would be worth it. I wanted to motivate myself and maybe in the process motivate others as well. So I hope people find motivation to do things they thought they couldn’t or just haven’t put in the forefront. It is never too late to do something. Go back to school. Change a bad habit. Quit smoking. Better late than never is so cliché but it really is true in most cases. Support each other too. Having a friend, family member or spouse to cheer on or to cheer you on can make the difference. When we were at the mall with Kevin Calvert, instead of eating what he normally would have he got a salad. Now that wasn’t necessary, however the gesture was much appreciated.


I still feel mentally strong. I know the next two days are where you are supposedly the most tired and I think I am prepared for that. There are so many things that are motivation though I feel like I will get through them. Caitlin is in the right place too. We get up and eat breakfast which is nice. Sets the tone for the day. I just can’t wait for more results. It is tough with being ill right now because I feel like I am not feeling how my body is adjusting because it is fighting off an infection. I also think that the timing is great because of how clean I am eating. Hopefully this will make it easier to get rid of the cellulitis. As Caitlin and I were driving to her sister Tara’s this weekend, we talked about some of the things we look forward to as we become healthier. Being as big as I am there really are a lot of challenges to overcome. I haven’t been on a roller coaster in over 10 years. I love roller coasters but most of them don’t accommodate people my size. And you know what, they shouldn’t. Other than a medical condition, people shouldn’t be as big as me. Just like many other things in life, a certain level of responsibility has to come into play. At the same time though the same people who agree with me on that statement, are usually the same people poking fun of people like me at the gym. I had conversation with coworkers last week about how most people are ignorant. Not just in a direct way to another human being but just in their thought process. People love to complain about something but most of the time they are more of a problem towards what they are complaining about than a solution. If people stepped back and tried to be rational about things, it would be a lot better of a place to live. Just my thought of the day. Looking forward to almost getting through week one and really making some progress. To think that were will be 20 percent through our 30 days is awesome. Thanks for reading and I will be back to writing daily this week. Have a great day and remember, any small step in the right direction is better than staying stagnant.

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