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The internet never sleeps, and even with the best design for resilience, one day, your system will go down.

At Teads, we deliver outstream video advertising for the biggest content publishers in the world. Any downtime has important repercussions on our revenue but also on the publisher’s revenue.

In a few years we grew from a start-up to a scale-up, although we operate globally, our tech team is mostly based in France. For this reason, we decided to carefully think about scaling our on-duty team in order to minimize the downtime when a system goes down.

That story is below.

On-duty in a fast-growing company

In a few years, we’ve scaled from a growing startup operating with a few pizza teams into a company where more than 100 developers on 3 different locations deliver new features on a daily basis. …

How we keep a good Amazon Web Services billing hygiene at Teads

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AWS recently announced its new per second billing for its EC2 instances and EBS volumes. This is perfect timing to talk about cost optimization. After a short intro we will guide you through some real world examples and best practices that we use at Teads to optimize our infrastructure costs.

The cloud computing opportunity and its traps

One of the advantages of cloud computing is its ability to fit the infrastructure to your needs, you only pay for what you really use. That is how most hyper growth startups have managed their incredible ascents.

Most companies migrating to the cloud embrace the “lift & shift” strategy, replicating what was once on premises. …


Damien Pacaud

Full time geek, entrepreneur spirited, Director of Engineering — Infrastructure @teads

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