Do I exist?

Who is that in the street!? I better let them know I’m here. They need to know I’m here. They need to know I exist. So I shout! I shout, shout, shout! Yeah! They know I exist now but…..oh, they’re not looking. Maybe I’ll go and lay down.

This bed is so nice, I could lay here all day. I’m still wondering if I exist though. Hmmmm….what can I do to test it out I wonder?

Oh, there’s someone else in the street! They’ll know I exit when I yell! Hahaha! So I yell, yell, yell! Now they’ll know but…oh, they’re not paying attention. Maybe I’ll go and eat something.

Bah! Everythings stale. I only have leftovers in the house. Maybe I’ll go outside instead.

Ah, yes, outside. The sun notices me, the knows I exist. I don’t need to shout or yell at the sun to know that, he will always look down on me with his warmth. Except at night. Then I wonder again…

WHAT WAS THAT NOISE?! Did you hear it?!? Someone else shouting! I shout back! I shout, shout, shout! Ah, this is no good…we are just shouting at each other. But that means…we both exist!

No, this is no good. They’re too far away, they could be shouting anything, I can only barely hear them. I’ll go back to the window.

Another person! They’ll soon know I exist! So I fill my lungs and I yawp! I yawp, yawp, yawp! Yes! Hear my mighty cry! Now they’ll know I exist…ah, they’ve run past already. Didn’t even look, how rude.

Maybe I don’t exist? What if I’m just a figment of some else imagination? What if I died and I’m a lonely ghost wandering this mortal plane without purpose or agenda? What if…..wait is that?

Is that?!?!


And so I bark! I bark, bark, bark!

“Hello, boy.” he says as he enters, patting and scratching my head.

Phew! I knew I existed!

Whoever said its a dog’s life?

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