I had a similar take on porn a little while back. Great post.
Elliot Nichols

Thank you for sharing your piece, Elliot. I mostly enjoyed it, and agreed with several points until when it became focused on the view point of the United States. Then I found I unfortunately couldn’t relate anymore being a British-European currently in Australia. I also have no idea who the “Public Religion Research Institute” or how they came by the statistics featured in the article your’s linked to, I even tried a little digging to no avail.

You make a good point about there being a need to make porn more “real”. I’m by no means an expert on the subject but I have watched a lot of porn, and speaking honestly, not only in part because I worked in a sex shop, there is porn being produced out there that is more real, from the amateur range, to porn made with women in mind, to more romantic, more erotic, more sensual films with big production values. The range is vast. But even the productions filling those genres end with a male climax.