How to maximize productivity in the afternoon

The life of an entrepreneur is like being on a roller coaster ride, and even if it’s thrilling, it can be very stressful at times too.

Therefore, it’s important to find ways to put a pause on our busyness in order to reconnect to ourselves.

One (almost) daily practice that is helping me a lot is guided meditation.

The iPhone being at the center of my digital life, I’ve found a neat app called: Pzizz

Around mid-day, I use the “nap” function which gives me extra clarity and energy for the afternoon.

At the end of the day, I use the “sleep” function which helps me wind down in a mindful way, even when I’ve worked on my computer just before.

The app is simple to use:

  1. select “Nap” or ”Sleep”
  2. select a duration
  3. start

For free, you can use the classic Pzizz theme, no signup required.

If you want other dreamscapes, then you’ll have to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

So, is Pzizz the best meditation app on iPhone?

Difficult to say because I haven’t tested many of them.

Pzizz is a good starting point, even for people who never meditated before.

Ultimately, the best app is the one that you use and that makes your life a little bit better every day.

Are you meditating using your iPhone too? If so, which app are you using? Otherwise, why not?