My 100 happy days

More than 3 months ago, I read this article on the Buffer blog. The goal is simple: snap a picture of what make you happy everyday for the next 100 days.

I decided to take on the challenge. See my happy moments below.

As you can see, I missed one day. I did feel bad not posting an image but I recall having a really bad day that time. It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t happy but didn’t feel right to post something.

Below are some stats about my 100 happy days:

Beach: 40 pictures
Food: 30 pictures
City: 12 pictures
Work: 8 pictures
Random: 7 pictures
Dog: 2 pictures

As you can tell that the two things that make the most of my days are being close to the beach and eating food #nom #nom.

71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simply did not have time to be happy.

Share your happy moment of the day in the comment below !