There’s hidden squirrels in this picture…

As I’m writing this post, something appears out of nowhere to distract me. A couple of squirrels took possession of our garden as if to mark the debut of a new season. One of them just made a dramatic entrance. It’s hard not to notice shaking branches and crackling noises coming out of the trees. A few seconds is all they need to climb to the top of our 10 to 15 meter trees. They seem to master the art of tree climbing as well as hiding behind leaves.

I needed to stop here to film one of these beauty in action. Breathtaking…

I cannot wait to show my friends what I could have only described so far. I feel fortunate to be able to wake up each morning and witness this ballet between two passionate lovers, I suppose.

I’m in awe of the autumn scenery. I’m conditioned to see beauty and act as if I’m in Disney movie. To be honest it feels good to be genuinely happy for no plain reason. Smiling at strangers can be awkward but it’s part of the side effects. Besides I’m on holiday, there’s absolutely nothing for me to rant about, how is that even possible. This inner stillness is very new to me and I cannot but witness the positive effects on my physical and psychological health.

At this point you might think I’m high for being amazed about a dancing squirrel in a tree. You may also believe that I successfully captured the essence of a perfect autumn afternoon. Chances are you’re thinking about something else entirely, which is fine. Really it’s fine. Regardless of all that, I wish you could see what I see, the way that I see it. Could it simply be a rare occurrence, like planets aligned that exerts a mystical force. A force that acts as a filter, allowing me to only see what matters. I’ll do my best to make the most out of this wonderful situation.

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