Together Post-Capitalism And Veganism Can Change The World

Vevolution is a London based tech startup which brings people together for talks on veganism and conscious living (Picture by Sarah Koury)

Capitalism as it stands today has left us in the midst of an environmental crisis. And the fact is that today millions of people around the world still live in extreme poverty.

We must also accept that broadly speaking capitalism has accelerated technological development and raised standards of living across the world.

Yet, I see capitalism as an exhausted marathon runner. It’s slowing down and its body is breaking up as it enters the final part of the race.

The capitalism built on exploitation of people and resources has failed. And an new opportunity to create something better is before us.

Looking forward we must adapt and develop an economy based around sharing resources and working together to protect our vulnerable planet.

This idea is often referred to as post-capitalism, conscious capitalism or the shared economy.

Veganism is an idea expanding throughout the world. It’s creating new possibilities in relation to how we interact with food, animals and the environment.

As the world’s first truly internet generation starts to enter the adulthood. They will demand a world of less inequality and more understanding.

Plant-based businesses have an opportunity to be the poster boy for conscious capitalism and we are seeing a new wave of responsible companies emerge.

One such company is allplants, a vegan frozen delivery company created by brothers Alex and JP.

allplants decided from the offset to register as a B Corp to ensure sound ethics remain at the core of everything they do.

Vevolution is an education tech startup I run our aim is to become the vegan TED talks. When forming we made a commitment to always provide free online educational content for people.

We’re seeing an increasing number of successful entrepreneurs discovering veganism. They are now starting to use their skills to create more plant-based businesses. And people are realising that through business we can create positive change that saves the lives of animals.

In London companies like Funzing are seeing a huge demand for talks on conscious capitalism.

I understand that creating a new business isn’t for all.

The emergence of effective altruism movement gives everyone an opportunity to make a difference. Effective altruism is a theory of applying evidence, reason and rationality; with the goal of making the world a better place.

Effective altruism has seen people pursue high paying careers with the goal of earning large sums of money to donate to causes where they can have the most life saving impact.

The old gods of capitalism are dying and it’s time to create an more optimistic future for us all. Create with love, share with respect and dream big. Together we can make a difference for non-human and human animals alike.