Google Is Killing Parenthood
Gustavo Razzetti

Yes and no.

Yes, you are right and you can only be right because your access to reality is through the perception you have of it. And yes, the younger generations function in different mode.

And no, because I am pretty sure that you parents said the same about you. And this is true for all parents and might have been especially true with major communication technology breakthrough.

Then, the real challenge start….

Why is your son more attracted by googling than listening to the Jedi? How can you learn from Google to become more accessible to him?

I have 4 sons. And I know the challenge but i try to deal with them on another lever than google. And I do not hesitate to challenge them by telling them : why don’t you google it?

A last hint : what life is all about can not be found in Google. Life is a mystery, some questions remain and will remain for ever un-answered. being together brings a nice feeling. Can this be replaced by Google?