The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Feminism isn’t going as you imagined? To bad, but it’s not society’s fault that you filled your head with untrue facts and “unrealistic” hopes for the future as a child. While it is rightly observed that females are suffering in the world and have unique problems that men can’t relate to. Same is true if you flip the coin. And as a guy, I can tell you how awfully wrong your observation is regarding men not wanting romance, and dislikes the emotional sweet stuff. But your the one who decides if you going to refute that.

You are absolutely right in the point that millenialls, including yourself have a very poor picture of how life actually was a couple of 100 years ago. We are doing awsome.

You just imagine paradise and is pissed that your not in it yet. Patience is something millenialls knows not a damn thing about.

But only a narcissist will come to think that it’s the only rightful being who deserves help and attention. And will reject every evidence that suggest the the opposite, at least the majority of it.

And the depression you hear in songs is not exclusively from females. This might come as news to you. But it is actually men who are the ones who are currently in a suicide epidemic. But that serves them just right doesn’t it? Does manimals is getting their fair share of the suffering just like the suppressed females have during history. Which simply isn’t true.. Many cases in history testifies of women warriors who fought side by side with their men, and wielded equal power of that of any man.

And in the same way, men have crossed over to female attributes. You’re the one who pisses on your own gender by promoting victimizations through loose observations based on your own world view, Not facts.

Shieldmaidens are the most famous ones. They didn’t whine about media being a dick to them. They invaded the media and changed it’s outlets in Great Britain, but also towards Russia. Around 900-0bc. During all that time people have had a quite respectful picture of Nordic females.

Because they didn’t behave like the little girls that other culture thought females to be. 800 to 1200CE was the age of christianization of Scandinavia. Same time as when the legends of warrior females died out. Now do you think that was because of men or because of culture?

If we look at Sweden as an example today: It has had a very wierd side-effect after the RE-RISE of womens rights. They continuesly whine about it rather then realize that their shackles where never there. Females in the north didn’t shackle themselves because a man told them to do that. They did that because God told them to.

The whining part drives manly-men literally insane, in to much quantity. They will run away from women who does this. Because males use a form of micro meditation everyday, as often as possible. To not think about problems, is the way the male gender deal with stress. Females talks about it. To feel and make sense of it. And this is literally the mystery that isn’t a mystery today. A boy is not 100% a boy in his mind, just like you’re mind is not 100% female. since you’ve had male rolemodels that you’ve mirrored your behavior from, whatever you like them on a coincious level. Which is dictated by our own patter recoqnition abilities. AKA, What we all refer to as Intelligence. Someone told you about feminism, which also reshaped the structures of how your neurons are communicating with each other. Which in turns reshapes the physical structure of your brain. It was Ghandi who said: We become what we think. But since that is a man it will rub you the wrong way. Ghandi got that from Buddha btw, and buddah got it from somewhere.

But let’s go with Margaret Thatchers version, since that is a strong female role model that will boost your own sense of self:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words
Watch your words, for they become actions
Watch your actions, for they become habits
Watch your habits, because they makes up your character

Watch your character because it will become your destiny

What we think, we become”

To think fast and emotionally is not always a good thing. To think slower but more logical/rational is the same, not always the best. To control in what speed we think is and how we react to our own thoughts is better then both male and females mindsets everyday. Because those brains/mindsets are the only one who takes into account for both minds sets.

But I must say. I am glad people like you are drawn to feminism so people finally see it for what it is.

The advancement of womens rights under the banner of claiming to strive for equality.

If you where for equal rights - you would be singing about equalism depression rather then exlusively about female depression. I myself used to be a feminist because I thought males with female mindsets where included. But that wasn’t true. Only females with female bodies are reaping the benefits.

You might fool yourself and others. But the men and women who matters in this world and makes it tic. Understands “the harvey two face” that is feminism.

But when all the opinions are said and done, It’s important to not let anyone tell you - that your words and thoughts don’t matter. Not even me. Because they absolutely do. But we know that through pain and suffering we grow exponentionally. And everyone feels suffering in one way or another, Not just you and your sisters.

We’re having this conversation because of the actions and the suffering of the people during the enlightement era, where we realized the value of our individual minds and that we where more then cattle. We where one. That lead to great innovations that produced the devices we’re currently are hammering on.

We have unfortunately promoted individualism to such a degree that we feel alone. That is what you hear in the music. Lonely superstars. And you mirror it, because you like the beat. Because we don’t start with liking the lyrics as children.

We start with the beat. Then the lyrics, then we look for similar beats that matched the precious meaning behind the lyrics. And it becomes a bad circle. It’s nothing wrong with what they sing about. It’s how we interpret it as individuals. Self-reflection, will help us navigate ourself in this emotional ride that is our lives.

I felt your pain by imagining that your words was written by myself when I was angry. Like you imagine that the lyrics are relatable to what you’re going through on a personal level. We call that sharing experiences. Which is the main contributer to our evolutionary pathway. Which never have been a fixed line. We just thought of it like that because it was way more managable to behave in this way, to first focus on our inventions to alliviate our physical strains. Now we have to fix the mental strains that our inventions are causing.

We do that by working together, men and females to change the social structure of our societies. It’s very common the expression of men not understanding females. But it’s equally true the other way around.

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