I’d Get to the Top of the Mountain if It Would Just Stop Fucking Growing
Dia Frampton

Gosh. You wrote this so beautiful. Whatever those producers are saying is based on cultural retardation.

Which is bullshit. They dictate with snap decision and profit oriented goals, rather then to create art. Artists don’t care to much of the monetary reward when creating art.

I’d wished however that you wouldn’t diss people on YouTube though. It’s not just to put up a video.

Same unfair comparison can be drawn between painters as well: for example.

Traditional painters who paint on canvases, are giving digital painters really unfair criticism. Most popular is that, we’re cheating with our computer tools. That’s called evolution.

Those hypocritical “Real artists” will tell us, we won’t be able to. Or that we’re are doing it in a wrongful manner. Fuck those people. I know manipulative behavior and insecurity when I see it. Which usually morphs into arrogance and hybris.

The big industries are starting to feel fear. That artists and people alike, are really fucking tired of being exploited by business men who cares only about profit. Not you as a human being.

If you like to find that joy in what you do again, you can’t rhino your way in through the backdoor where they “tossed” you out.

Why do you even want that? To go back to people who never saw you as the beautiful and talented human being that you are?

You said you where alone in LA? So what’s really stopping you from making a YT channel. Set up a patreon account. Tell people your story and sing directly to the people who actually likes you for who you are, and what you do?

It’s no different to ask for what people think your worth by donations, and going to a label company and ask how much they think you’re worth.

You love live performance. Make events for your followers to meet you up in real life and perform for them. Having problem with how to do all of these stuffs? Ask your fans for help rather then taking condescending comments of how you’re not a musician anymore from a so called expert.

People love direct supporting. Because they know their money will go to you. Not a fatcat who sees music as mathematical patterns, rather then emotional ones.

Crowd funding is the new way for creative people to make it.

An example: An extreme case would be to talk about a video game producer who got blocked all the time by publisher. They told him he needed to stress out his games so they would get profit quicker, and more. Since they could start with a new production sooner.

He eventually got tired. All he wanted to do was to create the best space simulation ever.

Today 2 years into his project. Around 150 million dollars so far through ONLY crowd funding.

The game is called Star Citizen. Which also was a genre that the mainstream publishers said was dead.

You are, and will always be a good musician, Dia Frampton.

But you’re the one who decides who will help you convince youself of what to believe. Producers, your real fans. Or yourself.

Sry for the long post. I just felt compelled to try and share some wisdom with my sister. ^^

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