When You Have Resting Bitch Face
Victoria Yan

Hahaha, I can almost relate. I can do the faces, but I have trouble with feeling the “appropriate” emotions.

*queue the American psycho music*

If anyone is giving me a bad time about it, I just blame it all on my pagan family. Not kidding. They be fack’d up yao!

Mom believes tiny Santa’s are fucking with our everyday lives. “They hide your stuff if you don’t give them trinkets of some sort.” And dad killed himself right after I was born. Because responsible parents. :D

Granny thinks he was Satan, so ofc they went ahead and named me Stefan Johnson. Because Assholes. I guess they thought it be funny to name me something that reminded my mother of Satan’s Dingdong.. FML. #activebitchface

And to signal the arrival of this mad parade. My grandpa climbed up a tree when he was 70… Upside-down! Which is a pretty darn impressive feat, we got to admit. But from a psychological point of view. Maybe they all where a bit out of the ordinary.

I think I have valid reasons for being wierd. So I should probably write a story about that. Maybe talk to someone?

Therapy maybe? x’D

Or drugs! Yes. Let’s do all things. And drugs. I’ll start with drugs. #poorlifedecisions2016