That Feeling You Get When You Think You’ve Penned the Best Piece of Your Life And It Has 41 Green …
Heather Nann

I can relate “a bit” (quite a bit actually) with believing one has written a magnus opus aaaand NOPE.

I’m glad to share with you in the hopes it makes you feel better that I received 0 hearts.

But then again. I’m not even a writer, so I was kinda half and half setting myself up for a nice faceplant called reality.

But I can be pretty arrogant from time to time. When I think I can go and do things others have worked their butts of, and are now struggling to master.

I have been faking it, till I’m making it. And I’m not making much it would seem. But I’m quite good at talking bullshit. Not much else then that I’d say.

But quitting is not my style!

I just gets bored to damn fast, and goes over and does something else. And that’s not quitting. That’s called branching out!

I think you’re a good writer. And being authentic is way more important then getting hearts. Thx for pointing that out for me Heather!