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Chad Grills

Love the video hangouts. It’s nice to get a better feeling of who you guys are. And most, if not all that you talk about, are things I can relate to very strongly.

It’s like I’m a combination between your minds. Imagine if your minds meet in a dream and had a love child. Joy and happiness surrounded this baby miracle. Only to realize the great deception that is me. You imagined I would become a girl, and voila. You get a lesbian transvestite, trapped in fairly furry man’s body. You donated me to Sweden for research.

Yet when I was a little “boy” I looked like a blond little girl. Think Ellen DeGeneres. Many had a tendency to call me Stephanie. Even my first school wrote my name wrong on the welcome letter, the first day! My real name is Stefan lol.

I got away from that until high school. The only girl in my IT program knew who I was immediately. So yet again I was known as Stephanie. The girl with a beard. xD

I don’t mean to sound creepy or anything. But I am! :D So that’s the way it comes out. ^^

It’s kinda interesting me think. The whole ordeal about genders mixing within the mind, based on projection. Replace you guys with my single mother in my story and it becomes a factual one based on how a mothers/fathers preemptive thoughts and expectations can alter a boys life, into a girls life. And Vice versa. To put it into context. She had picked a girls name for me, but not a boys name. Jennifer was my first name, before I was born. O.o

Which is not a bad name. If you’re born as a girl. But later gets told that they didn’t even consider the gender that I was born as . Is going to have a quite radical effects and chain reactions in a kids mind. Since most kids will try hard to not disappoint.

Pretty sure this has some physical manifestations in our society no? :P