How To Not Feel Financially Behind
Jane Hwangbo

So much wow. This is what I needed to read today so thank you Jane!

They did an experiment, however in an Indian reservation. They opened a casino that was going to earn the community some money which was handed out in order to give the poorest people in the reservation money to make means meet the bend.(I’m Swedish. Not sure that’s how you say it)

When the stress that most can’t escape ,because of poverty, and how little you can do for the family. Is one of the things that keeps many of the lower class from even being able to experience the type of happiness you’re talking about.

Money in itself does not give us happiness. But we can absolutely buy a dignified lifestyle which is what a previous commenter said. We can’t manage that if we don’t dream about wants.

You’re also referring to a spiritual kind of emotion. Which is a very deep and strong feeling. It takes time to develop. But most importantly. A open mind. People who aren’t practicing to feel, will also have a bad time finding what you’ve found.

But when it comes to what everyone is looking for. Then yes. They all are trying to achieve the same status as their artists and musicians when they hear when they write,show and sings about love and happiness.

Then we have a bunch of different personality groups that is less likely to reach the type of happiness you’re talking about. Because of genetics and conditional upbringings.

To claim that we live in a complex universe is an understatement.

So the entire idea of “This is right and this is wrong” is wrong in itself from an evolutionary point of view.

Yet from a spiritual point of view. It’s right.

This might sound wierd. But both are both right and wrong. Quantum mechanics points out the normality in how one thing can be two different things and how two different things can be one thing. Language is a good example where we use the same name and spelling for two different things or vice versa. A Swedish example of this:

We have the same word for married and poison. Gift. True story xD

Problem is that we don’t understand the quantum world that much. Which also indirectly points out that we still know very little about the world we’re living in right now.

But if you ask me, which one is worth chasing.. Then I’d say neither. It’s in the chase that we lose who we are and who we want to become.

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