Who’s a “feminist” and how does one become “proud” of an identity applied to them externally in…
Bardot Smith

Touché. But it’s your lucky day.

Because I’m an expert in bullshiting. So I can help you find a way, in how you can accomplish that.

First, we need to use imagination. Ok here we go. Imagine.. That you’re a feminist. It’s pretty easy to imagine that we’re something we’re not. We do it all the time. So, now my external labeling isn’t completely wasted on a straw man of my own design. And this will enable you to claim the pride! Win, Win.

And regarding to bdsm. I couldn’t care less about your personal views on bdsm. Your not wrong about it being a kink. The kink explanation is however the “excuse” doing it. But the desire of it occures in childhood. In most cases relatable with physical abuse from family members. It’s when love and violence meet. And a young child watches. The child doesn’t have to have been the one who been abused. Can be one of the parents as well.

And as I said before. A small procentage goes into it because someone told them, it’s nice! And start with it because of trust. Kink doesn’t explain the underlying motivation. But most who starts with it already have curiosity between pain and pleasure. Which in most cases originates in childhood.

Your opinion wasn’t based on neurology and psychology however. Mine was. However it has made a drastical turn to the more positive, specially now when bdsm sex has started to become less tabu in movies and literature. In 2006 it was around 1,2–1,3% men and females who admitted to have participated in bdsm. Yet there where over 60% females and 50% men who admitted to have fantasies about it. I can guarantee you that it has increased a lot since then.

50 shades of grey brought a new light on how they have TURNED it to something positive. Sigmund Freud would however have tossed all bdsm practitioners in the mental asylum for treatment.

Doesn’t mean one bit that it’s merely kink like you make it sound like.

But I must say, you’re talents at wiggling your way out of strait answers, is impressive. Where did you acquire your smarts from? If you don’t mind me asking. Which you probably do ^^

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