You seem upset. Maybe go have a nap.
Bardot Smith

Upset is a strong word. But you’re right about bedtime though. Besides, it’s pointless to argue with people who can’t yet view themselves objectively to gain different perspectives of what she was talking about. It’s nothing we’re born with. It’s something we learn. But all you gals screams it out as objectification. Also you have no fucking concept of dominate Males/Females and submissive Males/Females. Most females don’t want the hardcore feminism dream, but the one of equality, which they think they are supporting.

If she had put female and male mindsets on a spectrum and she’d would gain a better understanding of why women and men are bad communicators.

Which is not motivated by evil actions, but by natures lottery of: “Sucks to be you”

No man alive today took any decisions to write our history in the way it’s written and the great majority of first world countries all agree on equal rights. But as I see it. There where practically no female movements that was put in place for the greatest majority of our existance, to push womens rights into fruition.

At the beginning of evolution we where more like religions are describing the sexes. Male, Female. Easy. The more we lived and interacted with each other and formed culture, the more these lines has been removed.

Feminists aren’t aware of our history. But when we target search information, then we always find the opinion that supports our own view.

Intelligent people consider the fact that they might be wrong since birth. And thus always have an open mind, but a sceptic view if you should accept it or not.

Thing is, all human beings are intelligent beings of life. And thus can gain the ability of self reflection through wish, wants and eventually practice to not beat yourselves up because your not the smartest, prettiest and most talented person on earth.

Most females ‘I think’ might already be way overloaded regarding this. Thanks to media and the unrealistic image that of female, specially young girls. But you know it’s kinda unrealistic to look like the sexiest man alive as well. With huge muscles and a celebrity face to fit that body right?

Or do men have an unfair advantage over that as well? lol

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