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Is the death of the bookshop a sign of progress?

High street bookshops maye soon be a distant memory. Should we take this as a sign of progress, or the regression of…

Science fiction’s utopias are built out of wilful ignorance

The optimism of Project Hieroglyph is refreshing, but real world questions go unanswered.

Writing Practice

Why it is time to stop thinking of writing as a profession.

If you go to a good art school (and yes you STEM readers out there, such places do…

Rebuilding the World

Science shows us how the world is built. Can science fiction help us build a better world?

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Writing Practice

Travelling the world as a working writer

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Going Nomad

Science Fiction is a global language describing our shared future

In 1873 Jules Verne described the remarkable possibility of a journey made around the world in only eighty days in…

Can this technology liberate creativity?

Presented at the ReWork tech summit on19.21.13

Hello. My name is Damien Walter and I am here today to talk to you about science fiction. I have no doubt that many of you attending the ReWork technology summit are, indeed, lifelong fans of science fiction. But if, like many people today, your geek identity is still in the…

What is creativity?

Asks the Brainpicker.

Which made me want to give my answer, just quickly, before I go to bed.

I’ve always been facsinated with the butterfly effect consequences of creation. Karl Marx writes a book of political theory and decades later the soviet revolution creates a Marxist state. The ceiling of the Cistine chapel is daubed with an…

We remain in jail, only dreaming of freedom

Digital technology allows us to lose ourselves in ever more immersive fantasy worlds. But what are we fleeing from?

The ignorance of Richard Dawkins

Ramadan is about learning self-discipline. Many people could do with that lesson.

In his ongoing quest to discredit religion and bring as much publicity to himself as possible in the process, Richard Dawkins just tweeted this nugget of pure ignorance :

Have a joyful month starving yourself and your…

This is how you beat Amazon

There’s a simple way to break Amazon’s growing monopoly of the book trade.


I had been stealing for months. I found a stash of Polaroid instant films in Boots the chemist and picked them off over a few weeks.

Mostly I sold anything I stole that wasn’t a book & bought cigarettes and food. But the Polaroid films I loaded in to an old camera from a life before I was born. I took photos of things. I can’t even remember what now.