NCAA Football Week 4 Predictions

Week 4 of this crazy College Football season is starting, and for the first time, I’m going to go over the must-watch games for this upcoming week

Game of the Week: #11 Wisconsin (3–0) vs #8 Michigan State (2–0)

The first game that I’m going over is the Wisconsin and Michigan State game. Surprisingly that this game has no hype over it at all. I won’t be surprised if this is the game of the year. Both defenses are playing great so far this year and look to continue their ways this season. This may be a game that could change the Big Ten conference this year. Winner: Wisconsin 10–9

#12 Georgia (3–0) vs. #23 Ole Miss (1–2)

Probably one of my least favorite games this week. But the only reason this is a highlight game is because this is Ole Miss’s last chance. Ole Miss is 1–2 and if they don’t win they probably won’t win th conference and they definitely won’t win the National Championship. This is going to be Ole Miss’s Season Saver. Winner: Ole Miss 45–32

#7 Stanford (2–0) vs UCLA (2–1)

The Pac-12 game of the week, UCLA is another team that has to prove themselves to stay in the hunt. While for Stanford, this is their first test of the year. Christian McCaffrey looking to continue his Heisman canidancy, and Ryan Burns is still trying to prove himself as the Stanford QB. So this is a game to impress. Winner: Stanford 40–13

#17 Arkansas vs #10 Texas A&M

Another big and important SEC game that could decide the Championship game this year. Both teams are both having a great year by defeating expectations and now they are in the top 20. Defenses are both amazing and their QB’s are both playing exceptionally well. Too me this will be a great game that again is being underlooked. Winner: Texas A&M 26–13

FCS Game of the Week: #21 Colgate (1–1) vs #9 Richmond (2–1)

This one is just for fun. Even though no one really pays attention, I think it should be. Both teams are off to good years so far. Both teams ranked and trying to make a push for the Tournament. Winner: Richmond 32–6

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