So the NFL season kicked off 2 weeks ago and it seems like the talk of the town is the Eagles Rookie QB Carson Wentz, and he shouldn’t be. Yes he’s good I mean you can’t deny someone with 5 National Championships (2 as the starter) and over 4,500 yards in 2 years is good, but not “the future”.

All week I have been hearing about how good Carson Wentz is and how he leads the Eagles, but he doesn’t. That’s another thing, Eagles fans rely on the QB way too much. For example, Michael Vick. Michael Vick in his first year as the Eagles QB won the division and everyone praised him with a franchise tag and a 6 year $100 Million dollar contract. And what happened after that, a combined record of 12–20 in the next two years, plus getting injured in 2013 and later being replaced by Nick Foles who would lead the Eagles to a division championship.

But do you understand what I’m saying? Carson Wentz is not the reason. Look at the Eagles Defense. They have 286 Total YPG and 194 Passing YPG. One player in the whole league could throw for 286 yards in one game; actually Drew Brees has even doubled that amount in one game before.

Most of you are probably going to dislike what I say but it’s true, the Eagles are being lead by their defense and this is going to be their first test vs Deangelo Williams and the Steelers. Thank you for Reading from OutlineD SportS and hopefully you will read from me again.

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