Foundations of UX: Content Strategy

The purpose of this activity is to understand what you are learning.

One thing I learned from this video is the empathy map. It is something like persona brainstorming. This activity is a good to get an idea how a person would feel and think, hear, see say and do. You can also find what a person’s pains pains(fears) and what their Hoping to gain.

The second thing I learned from this video is content models. This is also considered brainstorming. The content model individually breaks down large content views. To do this, you should write down each piece of content on individual sticky notes. Then put the content in order to where they belong on the page.

The third thing I learned was budgeting. When creating great content or any content for a company, it is important that funding and staffing is established. Encouraging content ownership, ongoing production and management is a good way to ensure investments. For the content strategy to be successful it must me treated as an essential part of the organization.

The topic I would like to know more about is qualitative content audit. The reason why I want to learn ore about this subject because, I want to start writing blogs. When I start writing, I either but too much or too little and sometimes I might go off topic. I want to be able to give the correct facts about what I’m talking about.

I will definitely use the empathy map for the assignment. I would use this activity to determine how people would feel, see, hear, etc. About the product.

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