You are right about his philosophy, eventually if you draft high so many times you are bound to hit…
Roman Rollins

Nearly all the best franchises use this approach. Nobody is a perfect talent elevator, being cognizant of this fact doesn’t mean that you don’t still scout as well as possible. Who is this theoretical talent elevator that always got it right? The Spurs have been pretty awesome, but they’ve still gotten very little from their last 4 drafts. The other element to this is that Hinkie won every single trade he made, and that’s how he accumulated all of these picks. Any other GM could’ve fleeced the Kings for taking some salary, but they didn’t, Hinkie did. Nobody’s saying Hinkie is a genius, or that he invented anything new, but people feel the need to defend him when he gets attacked for doing the smart thing over and over again, for being a “nerd” as you put it.

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