Just want to remind everyone that Sam Hinkie drafted Noel over CJ McCollum.
Roman Rollins

That’s some nice cherry picking.

Noel is a solid starter, it was Colangelo that gave him away for nothing.

Many thought Giannis was overdrafted at 15, MCW won rookie of the year and Hinkie had the foresight to trade him at the peak of his value, which netted them the pick they used to trade up with Boston to get Fultz, pretty good.

I would take Saric over LaVine 10 times out of 10.

Okafor was a bad pick.

But Hinkie’s philosophy was never to get every evaluation perfect, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Nobody can project perfectly how these players will turn out, so having as many picks as possible gives you the best chance to be correct. Even after all the “mistakes” you listed the Sixers are stacked going forward.

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