Being original: Hello world!

Who am I? Why blogging?

Ok, here I am. These are the things that I’m sure that are true, but before start to writing it, I really don’t know if they define me. However… Damian, 25 years old, sports fan and that’s it.

Pretty short huh, so I will respond these questions with the purpose of why I decided to start to blogging. Everything begins when I was at my third year pursuing my Industrial Engineer degree, started to work in an important multinational company where I presented an idea to create an Android Mobile App. Fell in love with coding and transferred my credits to System Engineer. Meanwhile a friend recommended me for an Internship in NYC. Once here, I found a very interesting conference that gonna happens the next week, but because next week is an important week at work, my boss didn’t allow me to go (he was right and I realized it at the same time that I was asking for). Hence I looked for in my meet-up groups and I viewed a Flatiron School free intro presentation in an hour after I get out of my workplace, therefore, I subscribed myself and went.

##From a bigger perspective again, I was in NYC the last two-month doing my internship, learning and study new stuff. Thinking what to do or how to implement my new knowledge.

So I heard the experience from one guy from that meeting that starts a blog for don’t forget what he is doing and what he did (with his code, an anti-spaghetti antibiotic perhaps).

The rest you can guess.

Conclusion: I don’t know who I am today, but I love puzzles, coding, use my brain, starting to enjoy to writing and last but not least COFFEE. Pointing and looking for that (become a professional developer, if you didn’t already note) I’m now investing my time learning Python and working with Django Framework.