Just like Virgil Abloh did on the Legendary Air Jordan 1 silhouette from “The Ten” collection in 2017, it’s important to break down cycles, habits, routines & start from scratch(we all saw how that ended, sneaker of the year!!👏🏽) Step out of your comfort zone & do something entirely different. I always tell people to “shock their body” into change by switching up from what the norm is.

It’s a brand new day, brand new week, brand new year, I don’t think there’s a better time to take a chance on something different, something you’ve always wanted for yourself.

I started my year with a struggle 5mile run that took 58 minutes to complete in this 20 degree Georgia weather(that’s extremely cold in the south), followed by 3 different pull up variations, 3 sets of each, 3 different push up variations, 3 sets of each, reps ranging from 20–40 (easy) & some random sets of dips. Got tempted to hit the weights right after, but I didn’t just because I’m starting from zero and working my way to smashing P.r levels all through 2018 one day at a time, hopefully without burning out.

Destroy and rebuild because it’s a Definite way of tracking your progress from ground up. Basically, all I’ll be doing in the upcoming days/weeks (as the case may be) will be body weight workouts to get my strength levels up and intense cardio sessions to lean out from all the holiday sugar-rush/ over-eating. Besides, nobody wants to be the swole guy gasping for air after going up a fleet of stairs with groceries in 1 hand.🤷🏿‍♂️

What I’m trying to encourage you to do is identify your fitness goals for the year, and have realistic timelines for each stage. One of my fitness goals for the first quarter of the year is to include more stability & functional workouts into my sessions & have a more immaculately timed rest period between sets. I plan on achieving that by doing 1 functional exercise everyday till it becomes a habit. Depending on your current fitness level & what exactly you want to achieve you can set simple goals for example, if you want to be able to run a mile without stopping and complete said mile in 10 minutes, start by attempting half a mile in 5 minutes without stopping, then maybe 0.6 miles on your next run, then o.65 miles another time, it doesn’t matter if you hit a plateau and can’t move up for a few weeks, just be consistent, baby steps win in the long run.

This is my first attempt at writing, hopefully I stay charged up to motivate more people i know to do what I love ( working out/ staying healthy )

If you have any questions/suggestions reach out to your boy on Twitter or on the gram @ “damii_s”.. have a great day/week/year ahead! Bless up!!

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