H: You are smart, beautiful with a gorgeous body, kind and intelligent. Why are you still single?

Me: *takes a deep breath*

Chasing a woman is like chasing success. The hardest part is keeping success when you have it, other chasing it.

There are two kinds of men:

The ones that stay in their zones and the one that chases. The one that chases can further be broken down into different categories.

-Some just want to stay in their zones and not press further, those ones will never really experience the partnership of great woman.

-Some chase with all their heart and when they have it, they want to move on to the next chase, not having yet enjoyed all the possibilities and joy of this success.

-Some chase with all their heart and once they have it, they think it will stay without commensurate effort on their part.

-Some chase it and realise they have to work twice as hard in keeping it. As having this is a step to many doors of opportunities. Unfortunately, the ones that realise they have to work twice as hard are not many. But, they are usually successful men because having a great woman partnering with you kinda solves a major, maybe all your life problems.

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