It’s amazing how death used to be my motivation for taking giant steps. After all, “all die na die” - we all die eventually. So why not?

I have since discovered that’s a crude way of thinking. The idea of not being available to face the repercussions of my mistakes shouldn’t be a motivation and very lowly of a god.

The moment of illumination came when I saw the first question that shook my whole being: what are you going to do with your one and precarious life? It made me realize: I’ve got this one life to live, just this one.

What do I want to do with this life? Do I want to live it in fear? Do I want to be known for mediocrity? Do I want to live in the shadows of all that I can truly be? Do I want to be an object of fate or make valuable decisions? How do I want to live this life for me? Do I want to be silenced or speak out when I need to?

It’s just one life, just this chance, just this opportunity.

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