The Art of Unfinished Short Stories

I have three unfinished short stories in my drafts and I hope I finish them soon.

It usually goes something like this — you read something or see something and you’re inspired, you whip out your device and pour out your creative juices till your fingers explode. You bid yourself well done and goodnight.and as you press the x to save your draft medium weeps because you might never finish that piece.


I believe that unfinished stories tell enough about a person,though there isn’t a great range of things you could be : lazy, frustrated or busy.

Most times I’m all three.

It’s horrible.

I’m in love with these stories which are hungry for completion,I beg them to give me some time till I’m ready.

But will I really ever be ready to resume a march miracle story in mid July?

Here are some tips that keep me returning, no matter how long I stay away.

Fall in love with your characters

The only way we will ever finish our pieces is if we love them enough,fall in love with the characters,with the words,and you’ll hardly be able to leave them alone,not for too long anyways.

Music helps.

Get a song that transports you to the crime scene, where you’ve abandoned your characters to die and energizes you to take them to the hospital of continuation.

Stay away from other characters.

So you don’t love one story more than the other and ditch mike for Joe because Joe is newer and is more in tune with the new you.

Just sit down and do it!

For goodness sake,writer up,breathe out,shake your arms out,switch on your mobile data,and go!

Update: I continued a story last edited on the 19th of April,progress!


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