The Drive.

“I wander inside this peace.” -Maha





Have you ever realised how weird the word "Tap" looks? I mean look at it Tap. Tap. Tap.


Is this what I am now?


"Can you stop drumming?"

I let my fists destroy the flesh of the wooden table.

"Tap. Tap, Tap." I arise.

I flee from the library on a warm summer night, with nothing to my name but the clothes on my back.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

Oh what does he want now?

"pick me up some food before you get home."


Tap. Tap.


"Baby wait listen, about yesterday I didn't mean for you to catch these hands."


I'm sorry your call has been disconnected.

I'm not going back,about yesterday I didn't mean for me to leave your ass.

And since we didn't mean to catch these vibes
Let's just blow all our quarters and catch these rides
Let's fall from mountain tops and catch these dives
Let's rip open our skin and catch these lines

What are veins?
All I see are aching vessels reminding me of my pain.

No pain,no gain.
But with all these emotions you would think I'd swim in oceans 
Of cash and bags and other rad things
Fading world pleasures and other sad things.

*beep* *beep*

It's a text from the next

"I'm going to say this once and say it nicely,stay away from my man before things get icy."

baby why you so threatened,
After all he prefer the blind ones with hair like Kiera Knightley.

Speaking of nights why am I walking around in the night.

With a drunk fool at home who will never see me.


At least not again.
The only thing I can get from him is not a gain.
Lost too much now I’m moving on.
Tired of being the pawn of the game.

"Baby come home-Ma"

I'll see you soon mama but I gotta take my time.
If I come near you now I'd step outta line.



God I need you before I go too far

I need you to stop me before I crash this car.


Will you stop knocking?

I won't stop knocking, Let me in.

No, this place is too filthy for you.

Tap. Tap.

"Can i get some pancakes?"

"This is kfc ma'am,we don't sell pancakes."

I know you don't sell pancakes I want some chicken with a side of Heartaches."

"Hey it's Brianna,I think we need to talk."

Hey it's not Brianna, and I think not.

Where are you? Everybody's going crazy! Please pick up my call!

Where am I?
Where were you?
Now you feel you've failed so 
You're helping me for you.


God please I know what's best for both of us, I'll go my way you go yours, stop knocking on this door.


Let me in.I'll heal you.

Nah Jesus I'm too broken to appear before you.

But my body was broken for you.

Lord I said no I don't want to place another burden on you.

I'm calling you now, your time is almost up.

Jesus in all honestly I don't want to hang up.

Tap Tap Tap

Fine come in,but save me from this accident I'm about to be in.


Crash but no burn,
I woke up with a broken body
the next morn

That was how He saved me, That was how it went, that was how I died,with an end well spent.

John 3:16 
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”