Falling in love with a handbag takes just about a few seconds, however with so many counterfeit products available in the market, one can also fall victim to a knock-off bag. Many on-trend handbags seem attractive initially, but soon disappoint due to their poor quality.

Next time you’re looking for a finely crafted handbag, keep the following things in mind and you’re sure to walk away pleased with your purchase-


Look carefully at the handbags or wallets for women that you’ve recently purchased. At the edges where one piece of leather meets the other, check if they are neatly folded and stitched well. If they are instead cut and painted, similar to a hem on a dress, then you’ll find that the edges soon chip and fray. The fraying is most noticeable in high wear areas such as the straps of a bag. You would have noticed the chipping on the base of a high-street purchase after a few weeks, which is due to the improper chipping.


A higher quality bag has more number of stitches per inch than other bags. Smaller stitches and even spacing too signify a quality purchase. A linear stitch pattern or a slanted one should remain slanted/linear throughout the stitching as well as the spacing between each stitch should remain constant. Although one may have to strain their eyes to inspect this minute detail, it’s a detail that most counterfeit bags lack and hence a crucial one.


When you find a bag created from a multiple pieces of leather, halt and think again. The greater the number of leather pieces on a handbag, the greater the number of points of wear, and hence avoid purchasing such bags. Moreover, obtaining a large piece of leather is relatively more challenging for the designer, and is also more expensive. So, in other words, piecing is a way to cut costs for the designer, which also significantly has an effect on the quality.


Points on a handbag that suffer the most wear should be reinforced well. To check, tug at the straps to see if they are sturdy. Check for any protrusions at the edges, as they will fray with time. If the bag is meant to stand, make sure the base of the bag possesses metal “feet” to protect it. These small details are what comprise a high quality bag and should not be overlooked.


The zippers are another giveaway. The zippers should easily slide back and forth as one that is tough to slide, will break in the future. Other hardware pieces that include strap rings, snaps, hinges and bag locks should be well secured. Additionally, the plating on the hardware should not be tarnished or have any scratches. Online purchases can be risky. If you happen to buy wallets online, such details are difficult to examine.

Lastly, don’t forget to have a good look at the interior of the bag as well. Counterfeit bags often miss out on this area of the bag. High quality leather does not rip and tear like fabric and if you want a bag to last you a decade then check this section too.