A Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing

According to a popular marketing saying, “The man who stops advertising to save money is no different from the man who stops the clock to save time.” It is no longer news that a good marketing strategy is pertinent to the growth of any business, hence staying abreast of the latest advancement in advertising technology is essential for any business owner.

The 21st century has humans paying more attention to their electronic gadgets (Such as phones, tablets, video games, etc) than any other time in history. With the evolvement of technology; IOT and mobile applications, humans have found it easier to perform their daily tasks conveniently on their mobile devices.

Digital marketing involves the use of the digital media to transfer ad content to consumers. It has proven to be a more effective method of ad delivery than the traditional TV, Radio and Paper methods we are used to today. This article will explain the basics one needs to know before venturing into a digital marketing campaign.

Demographic showing how the consumer attention is shifting to Digital

The demographic above shows that consumers are slowly losing interest in Televison, Radio and printed media. The statistics shows how much ground the digital media is slowly taking from its predecessors in terms of audience engagement. A factor that is important to be considered before embarking on or during a marketing campaign is the return on investment(ROI) and the effectiveness of the ad campaign. There has to be a method of measuring audience engagement in order to have a clear understanding of the campaign that brings about the required engagement. Digital marketing provides a crystal clear platform that shows all the stats you need to know, you will see how engaged your audience are and also have an understanding of where to pump more ad dollars into .

Over the course of your interaction with your device, service providers (such as email, search, and social media) take records of user data such as interests, behavior patterns and others in other to deliver the right ad content to every individual at any time.

In marketing there are two types of marketing strategies: The Push / Pull Strategy. The Push strategy is one where the consumer gets advert they didn’t bargain for, while the pull strategy is the opposite, consumers get advert on certain form of requests. Digital marketing provides the two platforms and other strategies which I’ll talk more about in the next section.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. Search engine marketing

2. Display marketing

3. Email Marketing

4. Social media

Search engine marketing:

Search engines have saved our lives at some point, I am sure you all will attest to this. It will be a sheer waste of my time to begin explaining what a search engine is or does, as long as you’re reading this post on the internet you must have made use of a search engine more than once.

Search adverts are adverts shown on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others in the form of paid results. According to the internet live stats, Google gets an average of about 40,000 search queries per second, smart advertisers and business owners take advantage of these statistics to meet with their potential customer at the point of their needs. This is a good strategy because you only search for something (goods or services) on the internet just when you have an interest in it. Millions of people are searching through the internet every day, with a good search marketing strategy you can be sure of reaching your clients through their search.

Display marketing:

They are the adverts seen as picture banners on blogs, web pages, and unregistered domains. They can also come in the form of videos such as the ones you see on the popular video website “YouTube”. There are three types of video display ads, there’s the pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll advert. Good display marketing would help improve brand awareness. Research has shown good results in ad congruity, this is because a good display ad campaign would display ads that relate to the context of the page or video it is attached to.

Social media marketing:

Netizens spend most of the time they use on the internet on social media sites, updating status, liking posts and all (Facebook shows statistics of having about 1.15bn mobile users monthly). Business owners are starting to tap into the large number of users this social media boasts about for many reasons. A major benefit of this strategy is that it gives your existing customer a platform to give their feedback about your product or service. Word of mouth is a free and effective marketing strategy, a large portion of new customer interactions with a business is based on experiences shared by the old ones. A good social media strategy would bring about a platform for both the old and potential customers to interact with each other.

Email Marketing:

This involves using email to send adverts to customers. The emails may be gotten from previous subscriptions of customers on the business websites. It is a good way to stay connected and keep your potential customers abreast of the latest development in your business.

Game and mobile phone marketing are other forms of digital marketing, but they are too advanced for the context of this article. The article is just a brief introduction to digital marketing, watch out for subsequent posts as I would be diving deeper into effective digital marketing strategies and campaigns. In my next post, I will shed more light on marketing campaigns that you have probably been exposed to and at the end of the post you will testify as to how effective are.

Thank you for reading, feel free to ask questions or drop comments, let us share knowledge.

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