To See The World

Pardon my naivety, this is my first post here on medium.

I could not write a review for last year like most of my friends did for a number of reasons. Basically, the year 2016 was an uneventful one, I mean compared to the other years I experienced during my short time on this blue marble we all call home. I made new friends, I got to understand myself better, and I definitely learnt a few lessons. I had the opportunity to intern in one of the Big Fours, where my experience in the office gave me a new perspective to life.

With the coming of the new year, I suddenly got a feeling I had never felt in my entire life. A feeling of “There is more for me out there”, a sudden passion to see and feel the world around me.

Amazing (Photo Credit: natural_earth(IG))

I suddenly felt bored scrolling through my social media timeline, seeing the same pictures over and over again (although, I must say, the pictures of my friends getting hooked adds more light to my day). Of late I’ve had this overwhelming feeling to hold a camera and take beautiful pictures of amazing landscapes, buildings and happy people from different cultures all over the world. Every picture has a unique story attached to it, I would like to experience that story first hand. So hope its not too late to come up with a new year resolution.

2017 goals!

I look forward to writing a review at the end of the year with not just personal accomplishments. But also stories and amazing pictures of people, children and places I will come across in my journey.

A building in Albania(Photo Credit: Viajando_por_ahi(IG))

I would be taking medium along with me during this adventure, be expectant.