My Experience in Bootcamp So far

Bootcamp has been awesomely challenging. 
I have come to realize that there is always a proper way of doing things and doing things the right way , as we all know , is never easy.
My brain has not been this busy since my final year project in Uni. Since the start of Bootcamp, it has been learning one new thing after the other and implementing it the right way. 
This has made my brain sharper and more active because I have had to upgrade myself. I sleep with a lot of things running through my mind and when I wake up, Andela Bootcamp related activities is the first thing that comes to mind even before I open my eyes! 
 I do wish I could dream about solutions to tasks but I guess that’s not going to happen. 
I have had the chance to meet very interesting people , brilliant minds and the Bootcamp environment is very conducive for learning which has been a very good aspect of this all. You look around all you can see are other people striving to learn and get their projects done. This has been a motivating factor for me as it also makes me believe if they can keep going, I can also keep going till I finally figure out whatever I’m working on.
This was very evident on Monday when I stayed late into the night, I was not feeling too well but I just wanted to get my work done to meet the 10 pm deadline. Anytime I felt tired , I would stroll around the room and exchange a word or two with another Bootcamper and that re-energized me every time. I did that a few times till I finally finished my output for the day.
I wish this Bootcamp could be open for more than two weeks because it’s one of the best environments to learn, improve as a person and also to interact with like minds.