To all SME’s out there, take advantage of tech

From my mum who sells bags to my dad who is a surveyor, as long as you have a small business going on, you need to get on the tech train and don’t be left out. It’s really interesting how does little things we think don’t matter can make so much differences in the things we do, the same thing goes out for businesses, from those little customer service to little meetings nd employee benefits they matter when done properly. Businesses who just use Instagram properly are way better than those who don’t, businesses who have responsive websites are more likely to get their business to more people than businesses who don’t have one. If you feel you don’t have sufficient funds to employ anyone then you don’t have to. You can create your website for free at And yes you can also create your android app (you though have to pay 25 dollars to publish to Google Play store), you can check Apper on the Google play store. So get your hands on this resources and take advantage of tech, make Google your friend, there are so many resources out there to cater for your tech needs.

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