Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? — Nabeel Qureshi’s imprecision.
Justin Bailey

I know it seems like you just did some major debunking, but all you’ve really done is confuse the masses — aka all of your readers who will take your post and accept it as truth without doing any research of their own. You argued your point from a "philosophical and linguistic point," and in doing that, you’ve more than missed the point.

I am a follower of Christ. I am saved, and if I die tonight, I am going to see my Savior — Jesus, Son of God. I am also an intellectual who too desires inclusivity.

In the past, I would get so caught up in my research and studies that I began drifting from my foundational truths. I wasn’t intentionally forsaking my beliefs, but in trying to show the world that I was smart while simultaneously striving to be nice to everyone and not hurt anyone’s feelings, especially in today’s society, I was forgetting the heart of my faith. I was forgetting the gospel. (You know, the message that God manifested himself as man, in Christ Jesus, and was tortured, beaten, and nailed to a cross for our own sake, so we’d not have to die a second death — so long as we believe in Him — because He already died for all the terrible things we do).

That message is EXACTLY what distinguishes the Christian faith from Islam and any other religion in the world. None other than God sent himself as His Son Jesus. No one else did that for us. God sent himself to die for the Jews, his people Israel, so that they’d believe in Him again and be forgiven. They were and are His chosen people but they’ve had a history of swaying from their YHWH.

He promised them that a King from the family of David would ALWAYS reign, and that King was and is Christ Jesus. He is the Messiah that they’ve been waiting for. He is the one that their prophet Isaiah had talked about.

And the great thing about what God did for us in Christ Jesus is the inclusivity. His death on the cross was not just for the Jews. It’s not solely for "Christians," today. It is for the Muslims. It is for ISIS. It is for militant atheists. It is for all. No exclusivity.

I get that you were trying commend the professor at Wheaton for standing in solidarity with Muslims and Islam, but even she has drifted from her foundational truths. If she were at a liberal arts college, or any secular college, her decisions to endorse and embrace Islam would’ve been more fitting. But since she was teaching at a Christian college, promoting other faiths — and making false claims about the faith of the college — was ill-considered.

As Christians, God calls us to love all. We can love our Muslim friends without ever forsaking or compromising the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the cornerstone and there is none like Him. That is the message. That is what makes us separate.

God bless,


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