Little Drops

Little drops they say, make a mighty ocean. Have you ever asked yourself why you haven’t achieved much? Or why you haven’t achieved anything at all? Or why you have achieved so much that you feel so comfortable? Or why you have achieved a lot and still thirsty for more?

Have you also tried to ask if your achievements have blessed someone or people in a way or two? Ask yourself questions. Rhetorical questions. Questions that seem so easy and attractive to the ears, yet so complicated?

How early you start to gather your drops of waters will determine how big your ocean would result to. There is no offence if you do not believe in gathering these drops, but hey, who doesn’t want to leave a legacy behind. You could acquire cars, invest in stocks, bonds and treasury bills, buy mansions for yourself till your fifth generation, but what exactly do you want to be remembered for?

I would be disappointed if I gave a reasonable amount of money to an individual to trade with and after a given period of time he returns to say he never used the money, or he kept the money with someone else, or some other flimsy and annoying excuse. I would have expected that he had made some profit from his trading, or invested in something of long term profit or value (The Parable of Talent, The Holy Bible). You must first realise that you were born with a gift which must be nurtured and catered for if this gift /talent must bloom.

It takes a long journey to arrive at the ocean level, but you must first start by gathering your little drops of water.

At some point in life, we assume enough drops have been gathered. Drops much enough to form an ocean, or a sea. Sadly, when we examine our surroundings well enough, and take into details the minutest information, we would come to realise that this supposed ocean, or sea, that we have created for ourselves just might be a pond, or maybe a stagnant pool of water. Most people are carried away by their pond (or stagnant water as the case may be), blindfolded by the satisfaction of their ‘achievements’, that they fail to realise this pond must be refreshed consistently, making a flowing river which later results into an ocean. Some other people are wise enough to stare into their ponds, examine reasons why the ponds seem like oceans, wake the sleeping men in them, and begin to think of ways to gather more drops.

Every human has the ability to create his ocean. The only difference is: SOME REALISE IT EARLY ENOUGH, SOME LATER, SOME PEOPLE DON’T EVEN REALISE IT AT ALL. Read books, acquire a skill or skills as the case may be, get involved in a volunteer job, help the aged, be nice to people, give a helping hand, smile a lot, give a listening ear, etc…

It’s better late than never. If you have started gathering your tiny drops, KUDOS to you. If you haven’t even started at all, you can start now. It’s never too late, remember? Start from somewhere, anywhere. But make sure you have started to gather your drops. Leave a legacy behind.

Damilola Araoye