Till Death

BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! Blake struggled to roll out of bed and turn his alarm off. The thought of another day at his godforsaken job attempted to keep him in bed for a little longer, he however fought the urge to get in a few more minutes of sleep.

He reached over to kiss his wife so she too could get started with her day but to his surprise she was not by his side. That’s strange, he said to himself and called out her name but there was no answer. He went on with his preparations for the day when suddenly his phone rang; he wondered who could be calling him so early in the morning. His wife’s caller ID appeared across the phone screen, he answered and there was no response on the other side just heavy breathing.

Where are you he asked? There was still no answer, just heavy breathing and the call was dropped. He dialed her number again but was unable to reach her as it was said to be switched off. Confusion was written all over his face as he tried to understand what could possibly be going on.

He decided to step out of his room and find answers to his questions; the sight which greeted him at the front of his bedroom caused him to run back into his bedroom. His body was trembling and fear engulfed his body as he tried to make sense of what he had just seen and questioned whether or not he was in a dream.

After a few minutes of convincing himself what he saw wasn’t real, he opened the door slightly, hoping what he had seen was just his mind playing tricks on him. As he opened the door his fears were made real as he saw his wife in a curled position in a pool of blood.

Tears started rolling down his eyes uncontrollably, he slumped to the ground and held on to his wife begging to wake up from this nightmare he seemed to be in. He noticed she had her wedding dress on and before he could try to make sense of it he heard a loud scream…..

DADDY!!!!! He heard his daughter scream, he ran to her room and she screamed yet again DADDY!!!!

He called out her name but there was no response, he got to the room door and could not seem to open it. He called out her name again as he kicked and pushed against the door trying to get it open all to no avail. He rushed to the balcony to try and call for help but could also not seem to get the door open, he called his daughters name again and there was still no response.

He was brought back to a temporary state of normalcy when his phone rang till he picked it up and saw his wife’s caller ID on the screen. He reluctantly picked up the call and heard his wife’s voice

“I Alexa, take you to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part”

The call dropped before he could ask questions he direly needed answers too, he threw his phone out of frustration and started to scream uncontrollably like he was in some sort of pain.

His mind went back to his daughter and he rushed back to her room, he pushed against the door and this time it opened. There was no sign of his daughter in the room, he called out her name there was no response. Before he could call out her name a second time, he heard a loud bang and his world went dark.

He woke up and found himself strapped to his daughter’s bed, his mouth gagged and he was dressed in a tuxedo. He tried to gather his thoughts and understand what had happened when suddenly the door swung wide open and processional music started playing.

She was dressed in the gown she always said she was going to wear for her wedding; she smiled at the sight of her husband to be strapped to the bed.

She began her walk towards the altar like she had practiced in her head countless times, counting each step carefully so as not to trip. She took a moment to look at the decorations in the church and smiled at how lovely the flowers looked.

The processional music stopped and the whole church was quiet, she stood facing her husband strapped to the bed and tears began to roll down her eyes. Not tears of sadness but rather tears of joy as they were finally going to be together forever.

She walked over to the side of the bed and picked up the rings then went on to read the vows she had judiciously written and said “We Do” for herself and her husband.

She placed the rings on both their fingers and kissed him on the lip, recessional music started playing and she walked out of the church.