Da Moon : October 16, 2016 — 20161016

Intro to the name

The Hunter Moon occurs every year. It is a full moon and is called “Hunter” because it occurs near Autumn/fall traditionally being the time of yearly hunts performed as animals are at their most fattened procuring and provisioning meat for the coming winter after the fields have been picked and are low, ready for re-seeding from the previous “Harvest” moon.

The Hunter Moon is also known as a sanguine {sanguine means [1] optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation [2] blood-red}, “blood” moon, “travel” moon, and “dying” moon, these names in America are passed down from the Native American tribes. An interesting and full accounting of native moon names can be found at http://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-names

Why Interesting?

It is interesting to look for or view the Hunter Moon because it gives you a gigantic overview of the sky. The overview is in seeing the Moon and Sun opposite each other at the same time — at opposite ends of your view of the sky.

The Hunter Moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. This means you will be able to see the Moon ‘come up’ while the Sun is going down Sunday night and see the Moon ‘go down’ while the Sun is rising Monday morning. This is an interesting way to combine Sun and Moon with dusk, twilight, night, dawn, daybreak, day.

See while driving

DRIVING OPPOSITES: To see the sun and moon oppose each other while you are driving during The Hunter Moon then drive on an East-West aligned road at dusk. Driving on an East-West road you will see one ahead of you and the other behind you.

Further explanation: Driving West at sunset on Sunday night of October 16, 2016 you will see the Sun in sunset setting in front of you with the moonrise rising directly behind you. Oppositely, if driving East at sunset on the night of October 16 you will see the moonrise rising in front of you with the sunset setting directly behind you.

The following Monday morning: Driving West at sunrise on the morning of October 17 you will see the moonset setting in front of you with the sunrise rising directly behind you. Driving East at sunrise on the morning of October 17 you will see the sunrise rising in front of you with the moonset setting directly behind you.

I suggest driving, because it seems many people are only able to catch these natural events while doing other things with their lives, that seems natural to me as well, though, rather than all this driving, if you can find a nice hill or elevated place without too many trees, mountains, buildings or other obstructions around you will see the sight much easier.

It is nice in a car though, because of the rear-view mirror.

When? What time?

Not that you have to be told this, however, you may luck up and just happen to be driving near sunset on Sunday or you may luck up and just happen to be driving near sunrise on Monday.

I’ve repeated all this information several times so that you won’t forget it.

THIS Sunday night and Monday morning — October 16, 2016 through October 17, 2016 is when you want to look for the Moon and Sun opposing each other in the sky at sunset and sunrise.

However, you could also get close (see a preview) the day before — on Saturday, October 15, 2016 because these Moon events happen fairly slowly so the night before will be close in viewing to the day after and the full moon “course” across the sky occurs over the course of a month (“Moon”-th). For human purposes, these movements are regular, consistent, and therefore dependable, yet, we know they are also organic — having slight always changing variables which make them not mechanical or not ‘computer-like’, yet, you also know this already.

So, look for the Moon and the Sun this weekend at sunset and sunrise and think about all the things that are possible with the knowledge you have about the universe, life, people and what you are going to do with it.

Comic Additions

The above portion of the article was written more seriously than the portion below. The ‘voice’ used by the writer is more lackadaisical in concern. If you looking for intelligence, you can stop reading now.

Now that you know about the Hunter Moon, maybe you want to read about how ‘super’ the moon is, in a quasi-hyper way? Then the following article is for you. makes it fun and invigorating, youthful, sometimes you want that:

How about deeper astrological-type stuff in your reading? I didn’t get into all of this this year for this moon. What I do consider is that gravitational effects could have subtle “pull” and “push” forces on our bodies which account for the Astrological influences wherever you are in the universe. You can feel this when you are swimming underwater sometimes in the currents and eddies that pull and push around your body, though it is a different phenomena.

Or, if you are into having all the actual technically correct Moon info, then, the following site has lots of pictures, science graphics, and links to mucho lunar insight (not a joke, it really does have the serious good [“serious good” is not reference quality review wording. The site is technical and scientific, direct, and not]). Thanks to the creator of the site, she continues to do great work.

Finally, if you are into cartoons, and you are an adult, you may like the following, it is more abstract and humorous, having no real purpose other than to be bizarre, and is a cartoon work, fictional, we don’t really damage other people’s property.:

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