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According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, 85% of Employees Are Not Engaged in the Workplace!

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This crazy high number means that the majority of the workforce around the world sees their workplace negatively or are doing the bare minimum to make it through the day.

Below four short thoughts of mine how to increase employee engagement.

Purpose/Mission: First of all, a company should have a purpose/mission beyond simple growth and money savings. Employees are seeking nowadays a company that has a vital mission that an employee feels attracted to. Especially Millenials are looking for…

Digitalization and digital transformation are everywhere. Technologies, especially digital technologies are progressing at an exponential speed, and now it is the time to act or at least explore some technologies shaping your industry.

Below are four digital technologies that complement each other wonderfully. BIM, Digital Twins, Mixed Reality, and 3D printing.

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BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. BIM is a collaborative method of working that is based on the generation and exchange of data and information between the various project parties during the full cycle of a building, from conception to…

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Digital technologies are ubiquitous. Digital technologies are exponential. While digitalisation is responsible for a highly increased demand for energy, especially within networks and data centres, it is also a key force which will help humanity transition to a sustainable energy future.

Digitalisation is one of the biggest drivers in the global transition to sustainable energy — (Industrial) Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cloud and Networks are advancing the energy value chain from energy production and asset management to smart distribution. Digital technologies will connect the energy systems with smart appliances…

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A short answer to the future “model worker” lies stronger in the concepts of Human Relations and New Work and less in the Scientific Management or Work 4.0. A misfit, hacker, disruptor, maverick, a creative, passionate and innovative worker is needed to excel the future challenges of businesses and society and so are new organisational models needed to let these employees thrive.

Daniel Susskind (2018) stated in his TED talk that technology will eliminate millions of jobs. Even if new tasks and jobs are created, it does not necessarily mean that humans will do them anymore []. A similar view…

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Decisions tend to be bad, judges, for example, decide on a hungry stomach, and low sugar level, purchasing managers and regular managers think they know it better because mostly they decide with System 1, the ancient brain system, which is full of biases (Overview of biases on Visual Capitalist). It is quick, but not satisfying. Studies showed that data-driven models are much better in decision making [Ross J. (2019), Designed for Digital]. Here, people analytics jumps in. …

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The future belongs to those who think ahead and embrace change with courage and imagination. They know how to link digital technologies and services and satisfy user needs — and to continually reinvent themselves.

We are living in a complex, uncertain and fast-changing and moving world. Every company, country or individual, is facing new challenges every day. Social, political, environmental, economical or technological drivers can force you to change; in times you might not be ready. The combination of these drivers will have an even more significant impact. Technologies like A.I., …

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Neuralink, another company of Elon Musk, will soon reveal a working demo of their neuralink device. As we all know, technology is exponential and converging, so even if this technology is very new, breakthroughs and radical changes could come faster than we think. Let’s quickly explore four possible future scenarios which this technology could bring to humanity.


Carrier of an implant will be able to connect to a meta world. This meta world will be a virtual world, living in the chip, and thus we will be directly connected to it. Such a meta world could look like the real-world…

Nanobots are making humans to super athletes

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My last post, “How your digital twin will increase your health” explained how Avery, our Digital Twin, will be able to keep us healthy and also improve our health.

In this post, we are going to explore what it could mean, specifically for an athlete or leisure sportsmen like me ;) and sports.

Doing sport, sooner or later, the body needs to balance out electrolytes. Not getting them, the body reacts with loss of performance and cramps. Also, other issues can happen like strains or occasionally heart attacks. …

Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and other technologies will improve your health

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Billions of nanobots are flowing around in your body and are collecting an enormous amount of data, every moment. The sheer amount of data from our bodies is the perfect field for artificial intelligence and their hunger to learn from this data and foresee new connections. Your entire body is thus digitally replicated. Let’s call your digital twin Avery.

With all these data, from all humans on this planet, Avery will know if you are healthy or sick. With constantly analysing yours and others data, Avery will also see if you are developing a cold or a more severe disease…

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The world will face more pandemics in future.
By learning from the past and thinking about the future, we can get ready to fight it.

The current situation with the Covid19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus reveals that pandemics can and will occur. It is not the first time as we will show in a brief analysis of the past. A brief look at today’s signals and drivers will tell that it will not be the last time. The question is, what can we learn from the past and present, which technologies can support the fight of pandemics and diseases in the future.

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