(Disclaimer: In this article I pitch my Kickstarter project Minihero, but it’s only one possible answer to the proposed question.)

Meet Minihero, an app helping people help one another

What if helping your fellow human being was as easy as hailing an Über?

Today’s technology is focused on making our lives easier. It’s easier than ever to catch a ride, have someone run an errand or book accommodation on the other side of the world.

But one thing we haven’t figured out is how to facilitate human connections when money isn’t the glue holding it all together. What if there was something else that could be that glue?

Say, generosity.

Today’s society can be summarised in one word: individualist. The average human in an average week does nothing to help their fellow human beyond paying taxes. Generosity has been dumbed down to wearing a ribbon of a certain colour, shaving your hair or growing a mustache.

Real generosity exists but it’s not accessible. To help people in your community you must “apply for volunteering positions”. And don’t apply unless you can promise to set aside 20 hours per week.

The volunteering space now is where taxi companies were before Über came along.

It’s time for generosity to become accessible to everyone. We need services that can connect people in need with those willing, and nearby enough to help. We need these services to be easy-to-use and safe. And, to be truly generous we should keep money out of it. Having said that, we need to use everything that the best money-making apps have invented to facilitate connection and trade between people — ease of use, social proofing, gamification, accessibility.

Minihero is an app aiming to do just that.

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